Compact FG 220 LG (Temp.class 3)

Compact FG 220 LG (Temp.class 3)

Compact FG 220 LG (Temp.class 3)

This image is only for orientation. This is the base model only.

COMPACT 220 and COMPACT 420 models not only comply with the EU Ecodesign labeling regulation but ranking in the energy efficiency classes from A+ to D, this range offers some of the most energy-efficient and compact models in the marketplace.

NEW Controller for Intuitive Temperature Management

The new touch panel allows direct access to HACCP configurations. It comes with a temperature alarm and an integrated light switch button. The easily readable temperature display and smart extras, such as the automatic key lock, help to keep track and maintain ideal storage conditions.

Air Distribution System

Correct and uniform temperature throughout the cabinet is critically important for a food storage cabinet. GRAM COMPACT provides this with a unique ventilated air distribution system and a strong refrigeration system with sufficient refrigeration capacity. 

Low running Energy Costs 

The COMPACT 220/420 series has an efficient refrigeration system. Its innovative glass door models are approved to endure up to 25°C ambient temperature, while their counterparts with insulated doors can withstand temperatures of up to 30°C (Climate class 4). It further offers low heat emission with the minimal compressor running time thanks to a refrigeration system with surplus capacity.

Easy Fit

The COMPACT series is characterized by  smart-sized dimensions. The COMPACT 220 models, for example, are designed to fit under worktops in commercial workplaces. They can also be positioned as a free-standing cabinet, offering a "table top" for extra work space. The COMPACT 420 is a full-height storage cabinet  with a small foot print - the perfect fit for limited space conditions.

Hygiene & Food Safety

One of the new features for optimized operator safety is the full-height integrated handles, now made from stainless steel instead of aluminium. The handles consist of smooth surfaces only, to avoid residue build-up and to allow easy cleaning. 

Automatic Defrost

Automatic defrost with re-evaporation of defrost water not only saves time and eliminates ice build-up, but reduces excess compressor running time and extra energy consumption. It is also a hygienic feature that eliminates manual operations. The biggest advantage of the automatic defrost function is that temperatures inside the cabinet are maintained at all times.

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