Standard PLUS M 139 FFG

Standard PLUS M 139 FFG

Standard PLUS M 139 FFG

This image is only for orientation. This is the base model only.


Food safety is paramount for our customers. The concept of our GRAM STANDARD PLUS series acknowledges this and offers two different stainless steel options to match your requirements. Another dimension of this range is the extended HACCP functionalities that ease your control procedures. Find the perfect cabinet for your individual requirements: The series comprises six models - three temperatures ranges combine the choice of two different brushed stainless steel finishes.

Comfortable Work Environment:

The STANDARD PLUS range contributes to a healthier work environment with low noise levels of approximately 44,4 for the refrigerator and 44,5 dB(A) for the freezer. Short compressor running times ensure low heat emission.

Food Safety:

The efficient air circulation system helps to maintain perfect storage temperatures. Designed to recover the inside temperature rapidly after each door opening. Temperatures are for optimal food safety and enhanced shelf-life.

Easy Monitoring & Control:

All STANDARD PLUS cabinets come with extended HACCP functionalities for easy monitoring and control. HACCP data can be accessed from the controller and downloaded via RS485 interface (optional extra) for review on your PC.

Hygiene & Ergonomic Design:

Just like all GRAM units, the STANDARD PLUS series features several design extras, implemented to simplify daily cleaning routines. One of the features for optimized operator safety is the full-height integrated handles.

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